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Red Emerald - A Rare Gemstone
Known also as Red Beryl or Bixbite, the Red Emerald gemstone is the rarest of all beryl gemstones, and is perhaps the rarest of all precious gems in general. For every Red Emerald gemstone in the world, it is estimated there are 150,000 Diamonds, 12,000 Green Emeralds, and 9,000 Rubies. This rareness is a result of the unique conditions under which it was formed. To date, there is only one known location of gem-quality Red Emerald gemstones in the world: The Ruby Violet Mine, in the Wah Wah Mountains of South West Utah, USA.
Despite its rareness and spectacular beauty, Red Emerald is hardly known by the general public, and as a result, is rarely found in jewelry.

"Red Beryl is now - and is likely to remain - the rarest of all gem beryls... Material from the Violet Claims provides both spectacular gemstones and mineral specimens." - Gems & Gemology Vol. XX, 1984 © Gemological Institute of America
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